Anaerobic Digestion Plant Proposals

In our area we have not one, but two planning applications submitted to
the relevant local authorities for bio energy digestion plants. These are plants that breakdown agricultural materials and turn them into energy. For reference there is one on the A505 between Royston and Baldock.


The first application is located just over the Suffolk border outside Haverhill and off the A1307. The site runs up the Cambridgeshire border and ends at the edge of West Wickham/Weston Colville. You may have seen signs for the anti-lobbying group ‘Muck Off Acorn’ – this refers to this application.

The lobbying group’s website can be found here.

As the application is in Suffolk it will be Suffolk County Council that will make the decision on this but whilst the time for public comments has closed, you can still look at the plans and write to the case office dealing with the application –

Streetly End

The second application is in the parish of Streetly End, West Wickham. This site is smaller than the first and, as it is in Cambridgeshire, will be decided by Cambridgeshire County Council.

A plan of the proposed site can be found here.

A plan of the access road can be found here.

The comments from Balsham Parish Council to the County Council can be found here.

The link to the planning application (Ref: CCC/23/110/FUL) to Cambridge County Council can be found here.

The period for public comments on this application closed in early December but you can always contact that planning officer directly, should you want to raise concerns after this time –