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We are a small group of keen gardeners from all ages, abilities and cultures in a rural and tranquil setting.

Allotments give allotment plot holders a lot of satisfaction and great sense of vitality and well being. It allows tenants to connect with nature during the seasons. There is nothing more rewarding than growing  your own fruit and vegetables and sharing your rewards with family and friends.

Growing your own means it is possible to harvest  crops without using chemicals. You can pick strawberries, peas, tomatoes and sweetcorn at their peak, when rich in vitamins and the sugars have not turned to starch. Baby leaf salads, chillies and spinach and be picked as and when you  need them and grow unusual varieties that you cannot purchase in the supermarket as well as expensive crops such as asparagus. An added bonus is you will not be adding to the landfill burden with excess packaging.

Our main aim is to promote the cultivation of the allotments:

  • Food growing and eating – a healthy activity for all abilities
  • A friendly, welcoming community for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds
  • Sharing knowledge and skills

Owning an allotment became more popular than ever during Covid-19. Many people have found it a refuge, a place where they could exercise during lockdown and spend time safely distanced but in company with like- minded souls. It is also a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and reducing those food miles. Nothing tastes better than growing your own.

Please be mindful that allotments can be time consuming and commitment is needed to keep on top of them. Before you embark on taking on a tenancy, you need to work out if you can fit an allotment into your life.

Waiting List

Owning an allotment has become popular over the past 18 months, consequently, we are now running a waiting list for the first time ever.

To find out more about holding a tenancy or would like to added to the waiting list please visit our tenancy section.

You can also visit our FAQ page.

Maintaining Plots/Inspections

Please note that inspections are carried out regularly with the next one just scheduled before renewals on 30th September.

Please use this time to weed and/or clean and plant up your plot ready for the autumn inspection. Notices will be issued for overgrown plots asking tenants to put them into good working order within one month of the letter date.

For transparency purposes, an inspection policy is now in place.

View our Inspection Policy.

For more general information about allotments, please view our Balsham Allotments Tenancy Handbook.

For more general information please visit the Facebook group.

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