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Allotment Tenancy Information

Balsham has just over 100 allotments spread over three sites: Woodhall Lane, Hawthorns and Princes Close.  These vary in size from 5 rods (125sqm) to 10 rods (250 sqm). Allotments are measured in rods being the traditional way of measuring allotment sizes.

Getting an allotment may take some time. Due to the surge in demand during Covid-19 our allotments are full. Consequently, we started running a waiting list.

Process for Applying for An Allotment

As explained above, you may need to wait some time for an allotment. It will be worth being added to the waiting list as allotments become available throughout the year. You could be waiting weeks up to months.

Once your name is on the waiting list, when an allotment becomes available to you, you will be contacted to view the vacant allotment. If you agree to take this allotment on,  a tenancy agreement will be sent for signing. Once in receipt of the signed tenancy agreement and payment of the annual rent (in advance)  and deposit, the allotment will be released you.

Please be mindful that allotments can be time consuming and commitment is needed to keep on top of them. Before you embark on taking on a tenancy, you need to work out if you can fit an allotment into your life. Juggling work and family life alongside an allotment maybe difficult. 

If you would like more information about holding an allotment tenancy and wish to be added to the waiting list, please contact Balsham Allotments via email with your contact details.

Tenancy Agreement

Balsham Allotments Tenancy Agreement outlines the terms and conditions which are intended to ensure that tenants operate in a way which is considerate of their neighbours, makes good use of their allotment and ensures that it remains in a good state for any future tenants.

Fees and Renewals

Annual rent fees vary depending on whether you are a Balsham resident and the size of the allotment. New tenancy rents are paid in advance along with a £50 deposit.

Rent collected will cover management and maintenance costs of the allotment site. Water charges are to cover the water bill are to be paid together with the annual rent.

Annual rents and water fees are collected on 30th September. Payment by bank transfer is preferred. Contact Balsham Allotments for details. Cash and cheques are accepted. Cheques to be made out to Balsham Parish Council.

Non-payment of annual rents after 40 days will be taken as an indication of cessation of tenancy. Unpaid monies will be pursued.

Deposits are now required from new tenants. This deposit is to be paid as an open dated cheque, made out to Balsham Parish Council or cash. Deposits will be returned to tenants if tenancy agreements are terminated, and the allotment is in good, workable condition.

Sub-dividing Allotments

A plot will be a maximum size of 10 rods (25m x 10m). When a plot becomes vacant it will be assessed for re-sizing by Balsham Parish Council and may be split into two or more smaller plots to accommodate more applicants. Small plots are particularly suitable for novices, some of whom have been overwhelmed by the size of a new plot or offer the chance for someone to downsize if required.

Sub-letting of Plots

The tenant shall not enter into an agreement, verbal or written, to sublet or reassign an allotment plot or any part of it to any party under any circumstances.

Passing On an Allotment

Regardless of illness, disability, health issues or death no plot can be passed on. It shall be returned to Balsham Parish Council.  Allotments cannot be passed onto anyone else such as helpers or co-workers.

Tenants are advised that no human or animal ashes are permitted to be scattered at allotments sites, and no memorial features are permitted.

Changing Allotments

An existing plot holder can apply to take over a vacant plot on the same site. The tenant would need to give up their current plot, which would need to be left in good condition. Tenants may wish to move to a larger plot to grow more produce, or conversely, to a smaller plot which would be more manageable and affordable.

Tenants interested in changing plots should inform Balsham Parish Council in writing. In all (not many) cases, a tenant can also downsize by requesting in writing that his or her plot be split up into two or more smaller ones.


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