Balsham Good Neighbour Scheme

Now in our fourth year of operation, the Balsham Good Neighbour Scheme (BGNS) offers various types of support for Balsham residents.

  • Daily pick up of prescriptions from Linton Health Centre. Most of these are left at Balsham Post Office, but we can deliver to your home if you have need.
  • Transport to local medical appointments, shopping or visits to relatives in hospital. A trip to Addenbrookes generally costs £6 for a return trip, or £12 if it’s a long visit and needs one driver there and a different one for return. That’s still cheaper than a taxi.
  • Support of other kinds, such as help with computers, filling in forms or small jobs in the home (e.g. replacing a light bulb).
  • A Community Lunch once a month (no charge). Get in touch if you would like to come.
  • Two Community Cafés each month (no charge). Dates for these are:
    Mays Avenue – Fridays 10-12 – 2nd February; 1st March; 5th April; 3rd May; 7th June; 5th July.
    Balsham Church Institute – Tuesdays 10-12 – 13th February; 12th March; 16th April; 14th May; 25th June; 16th July
Contact us

If you would like to get in touch to ask for help or to offer help of any kind, call 07508 430057 where you can leave a voicemail, or email

Volunteers Needed

The scheme could not operate without volunteers. If you think you could join the team of volunteers and help in any way, let me know at
or text or leave a message at
M: 07508 430057