Crime in Balsham

We have information of a few anti-social behaviour  issues arising at Balsham Pavilion and  in the Church Car Park area of Balsham.  We are trying to encourage local residents and other people frequenting the area to report any problems that they see, as we believe not everything is being reported to the Police.

There are a  few ways in which you can report things to the Police.

Call 101 –  the non-emergency telephone number for the Police – non emergencies
Call 999 –  the urgent telephone number for the Police – if a crime is happening there and then.

You can also report things to  us on-line by logging  on to our website  when you have logged on you have the option to “report a crime” or  “report a concern”.

  • If you click “report a crime” you will be given a few options as to what type of crime you wish to report i.e. theft, break in, hate crime, etc.
  • If you click “report a concern”  you will be able to report anti-social behaviour, drug usage/distribution, and other concerns.